In-house marketer or contractor – which is more profitable?

Advertising, Marketing

Many companies are faced with the dilemma of whether to have their own in-house marketer or use the services of a contractor. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of keeping an in-house marketer and the advantages of working with external professionals.

Disadvantages of keeping an in-house marketer:

High costs: Hiring and maintaining an in-house marketer can be expensive. You need to pay for salary, taxes, insurance, and other overhead costs.

Limited experience: Even an experienced in-house marketer can be limited in their vision and knowledge because they are focused on a specific niche.

Limited resources: An in-house marketer may face limited resources such as budget and staff, which can make it difficult to realize ambitious marketing plans.

Single opinion: An in-house marketer may be exposed solely to their own opinion and may not have feedback from outside experts.

Benefits of partnering with Leverage Pro:

Resource savings: Working with a contractor such as Leveridge Pro saves money, as there is no need to pay the ongoing salary and other costs associated with an in-house marketer.

Broad experience: Leveridge Pro has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries and marketing fields. This means you have access to a wider range of knowledge and best practices.

Flexible and adaptable: Leveridge Pro can quickly adapt to changes in market conditions and develop marketing strategies that best suit your needs.

Objective Opinion: An external marketing service provider like Leveridge Pro can provide an objective assessment of your marketing strategy and offer new insights based on global trends.

Cost Control: You can control your budget by utilizing Leveridge Pro’s services on an as-needed basis, allowing you to manage costs more efficiently.

While keeping a marketer on staff has its advantages, partnering with Leveridge Pro can be a better option for many companies. It allows access to highly skilled professionals with a wide range of experience, saves resources, and allows for more flexible and efficient marketing management. Leverage Pro becomes a trusted partner in achieving your business’ marketing goals.

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